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14 March 2017

Meet Jason Clay - Our Senior Staff Development Manager

I began working for SuperStars when I was studying at University of South Wales, as a way to fund my Masters degree in Drama.  Following my graduation, I continued to work for Super-Stars as a Drama specialist, before branching out to Music and PE.  All of these are subjects I am still passionate about and involved in someway outside of work, so I enjoyed allowing children to have the same experiences and more opportunities within these.  After having teaching children in schools in Cardiff, Swansea and many in between, I made it my goal to progress within the company where I am now Senior Staff Development Manager.  Outside of work I currently play as part of a band where I play the guitar and attempt some form of singing.  There have been times where these two worlds collided, as we performed at various school fetes, school proms and fundraisers.  One of my favourite performances will always be down the Gower where we helped to raise £5000, which contributed to the cost of an operation for a year 6 child, who I had met through working for Super-Stars.  Outside of work and music I have recently discovered a strong passion to travel and explore new places whenever I can, always thinking of new adventures and road trips to embark on.