A brand new starter...

20 March 2017

What the new starters have to say about our training...

My name is Megan Daley and I am currently a 3rd year studying Sports Development at Cardiff Metropolitan University.


I am just writing to let you know about my experiences of SuperStars. The training I am currently undergoing is very fun and interactive, it is also very informative in regards to managing classroom behaviour and helpful strategies to ensure the pupils get the best out of their lessons.


 I also think that SuperStars is a great company to get started with once you have completed your degree as they give you the knowledge and experience needed to be successful when applying for a PGCE. They also provide you with the opportunity to continually develop as both a person and a teacher with chances to do courses to improve both management and classroom skills.


I think the university would benefit greatly from creating a partnership with Superstars.