Embedding Positive Wellbeing in your School - the feedback!


During our 'Embedding Positive Wellbeing in your School' event, we were fortunate enough to receive feedback from our headteachers and school leaders. 

We're so grateful to receive such positive feedback as this will help us shape our future events to assure that we can keep on giving to the education sector... why? Because you truly deserve it and SuperStars care about giving back! 

Read a snippet of some of our favourite comments from the feedback forms...

Comments on organisation :

Lots of contact prior to the event and great to be reminded

Elin was great at keeping us up to date

Invite and reminders – nice touch!

Comments on Speaker :

Excellent! Very relevant and interesting!

Very moving and authentic

Honest, brave, helpful, easy to listen to and well paced!

Comments on Reception from the team :

An enthusiastic reception from lots of smiley people!!!!

Very welcoming and calming

The enthusiasm from the staff was uplifting and very welcoming

Comments on Refreshments :

Great that vegans were catered for – well done


Lovely, thank you!

Comments on Venue :

Nice to be valued with a great place!

Stunning venue!

When can I move in?

Comments on Overall :

Huge thank you, I really needed this!

Many thanks for the welcome, a lovely morning a chance to take some time out to reflect on well-being

Space for thinking! Friendly, tangible and motivating atmosphere!