Want to Inspire Children?


We’re looking for people who can inspire children. Who can encourage them to be brave and try something new. To believe in themselves, and others.


People like this.


“Our art lessons are cool and enjoyable, we get to do a lot of different activities. Miss Adams is amazing and a role model to me because she is really good at art.”


 “The most exciting part of Mr Franks’ lessons for me is when we are learning a dance routine and he shows us how to do some new moves, like the canon. Mr Franks is helpful, he lets us explore by ourselves, he gives us hints and tips how to do something but lets us figure it out for ourselves which I love. The way he teaches us he makes things simple and enjoyable to do I never feel embarrassed.”


 “I’ve learned how to catch a ball, before I couldn’t even catch a ball. I’m so much more confident after Mr Morgan’s encouragement to join in and play.”


 “Mr Stock’s lessons are very enjoyable and fun, he is a very good music teacher and kind and explains everything really well for us to understand and learn easily. Mr Stock’s lessons have got better and better each time.”


“SuperStars lessons make me feel happy because I build my confidence and get to work with others. Miss Davies is very enthusiastic, supportive and kind. My favourite thing about the lesson is when we’re challenged to create our own performances. We try really hard as a class and then get our names on the board. At the end of the lesson I’m always excited for the next SuperStars lesson.”