Who We Are:

SuperStars is a UK-based organisation with our head office in Cardiff, Wales. We are a passionate team dedicated to raising standards within education and extra-curricular activities. Our mission is clear: to develop bright futures for all, with an emphasis on positive thinking and well-being.

What We Do:

Through specialised PE, drama, music, and art lessons, delivered by subject specialists, we empower both children and adults to learn, grow, and shine. Our approach broadens your school's curriculum, offering diverse experiences, nurturing new talents, and boosting self-confidence. Additionally, SuperStars provides enriching holiday courses that blend fun and learning, ensuring children continue to thrive beyond the school year.

Our Values:

More than just words, our values guide everything we do. Positivity, People-Focus, and Aspirational drive our friendly and collaborative approach. We prioritise outcomes, aiming high to elevate standards for children, schools, and our team.

Our Difference:

We're not a supply agency; we're here to work collaboratively to enhance your school's value and standards. Our Senior Leadership and Operations team handle recruitment, training, and HR management responsibilities, ensuring a high-quality service. By focusing on continuous improvement, we measure success through teacher observations, impact on learning, and the quality of service provided to you. SuperStars lets you and your team concentrate on other important areas within your school while we elevate standards.

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