Who we are

We’re a diverse team of people who share one common aim: to help every child develop a bright future.

This is our why – our reason for being.

To make this happen – our how – we provide PPA and other cover in schools.

Through PE, drama, music and art lessons, delivered by subject specialists, we help every child to learn, grow and shine. We give them new experiences. We help them discover new talents. And we help them build their self-confidence.

All this means your school will provide a broader, richer curriculum that engages and includes every child.


What children say

“Our drama lessons are amazing and exciting, they help us build confidence and give us the chance to do something we don’t usually do in school. Today we have been creating our own character based on a fairy tale and then had to write a dialogue between two characters and practice performing. When performing it’s important to have a clear voice, use expression in your voice and use facial expressions and gestures.”

Jack, year 5


Our values

These days most companies say they have values, but few do more than list them on their website or include them in a policy. We’re different. We believe values only have value when they inform everything you do.

Our values are positive, people focussed and aspirational. Every one of us lives and breathe them.

For example, our friendly, helpful and outgoing approach is one of the reasons we’re known for being positive.

We’re more than an agency chasing commissions. We focus on outcomes for people. Everything we do is about providing high-quality opportunities for your children, your staff and ours.

And we aim high, always aspiring for the best. We want to raise standards for the children we work with, the schools we work for, our own staff and our organisation.

But perhaps the strongest example of how we live our values is this. Because we value our whole team, trust in each other and work together for a common aim, all of our core team have a share in the company.


What headteachers say

“Everyone at SuperStars is enthusiastic and forward thinking, rooted in supporting schools. We have had an excellent experience over a number of years and developed an excellent relationship. They have a strong sense of pride in their work and really value the schools they work with. They have a passion for making a difference for children .”

Anne Phillips, Kington Primary School, Hereford


Our difference

Although we provide cover for your PPA and other teacher release time, we’re not a cover supply agency. Our aim is to add value to your school and raise standards through a rich curriculum of engaging activities.

We can only do this if we consistently provide a high-quality service. To make sure we do we have a Senior Leadership and Operations team who recruit, train, manage and support all our staff. So even though our specialists work as part of your team, all the HR and management responsibility is ours. Which leaves you free to focus on your school.

And because our focus is on raising standards, we monitor our performance and measure our success in much the same way as you do. We observe our staff, assessing their teaching, planning and impact on the children’s learning – as well as on the quality of service they provide to you.









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