Our Annual Headteachers’ Conference


Every year we hold a conference for Headteachers. As well as being of value to you professionally, they’re our way to say thank you and recognise all that you do.

We understand how difficult your job is. You’re responsible for giving every child who comes through your school the best possible start in life. You have to meet their needs, the needs of their families, the needs of your staff team, the needs of your governing body, the needs of the local authority, the needs of inspectors and the needs of national government.

The amount of bureaucracy and local and national policy you have to deal with can be overwhelming. While new approaches to education and a better understanding of how children learn are welcome, it can be almost impossible to keep up with the pace of change. And there’s never enough time to see how well an initiative works before it’s replaced by a new one.

We understand all this. So we design our conferences to give you time out to reflect as well as to learn. We want you to leave feeling inspired, with new ideas and enthusiasm. And we want you to take away practical examples you can share with your staff team and use back at school to help your children develop bright futures.

"An inspiring morning with @SuperStars_UK thank you @AoBrillWill for an amazing key note speech! Truly inspired!”

Headteacher Delegate, SuperStars Headteacher Conference

Why you’ll find our conferences a breath of fresh air

The format for our conferences is a little different from the usual events you’re invited to.

For a start, you’ll receive a very warm welcome.

They’re free.

They’re short, just half a day, so you’ll have time to get back to school if you need to.

We have one conference in Wales and one in England so you won’t have to spend too long getting there. And we hold them at beautiful venues you’ll enjoy spending time in.

We focus on one topic, looking at in depth with the help of an expert speaker.

We balance the time you spend listening with time to network with your colleagues.

Oh. And the food is delicious.

100% of headteachers who came to our conference in 2019 said they would come again and recommend us to others.

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