How old does my child have to be to attend a SuperStars Holiday Course? 

Our courses are for children aged 4 – 12 years old. Children who are 4 years old are our MiniStars. Children who are 5+ years old are our SuperStars.

What time does the SuperStars Holiday Courses start and finish? 

  • MiniStars courses start at 09.00am and finish at 13.00pm.
  • SuperStars courses start at 09.00am and finish at 15.30pm.

If you need to make an earlier start, you can drop your child at the school at 08.45am. Alternatively, registration is open until 09:30am, should you want to pop the snooze button on. 

What should my child bring with them to the Superstars Holiday Course?

Our coaches are fully equipped with everything they need to deliver a fun-filled holiday course for your children. From footballs to frisbee's and beach balls, to giant parachute sheets. We have all the sports, games and activities covered.

Please make sure your child includes within their bag:

  1. A healthy packed lunch** (Don’t forget ‘Sports Candy’!)
  2. A bottle of water
  3. Comfortable clothing, appropriate for both indoor and outdoor activities
  4. Sun hat (if necessary)

In warmer weather, we do ask that you apply a generous amount of sun cream from head to toe.

*Important, all our SuperStars Holiday Course venues are strictly NUT FREE zones. This term is used to indicate that all nuts (both tree nuts and peanuts) are strictly prohibited on the Holiday Courses. Please ensure there are no nuts or nut-containing products in packed lunches or snacks.

*Sports Candy is healthy snacks we encourage children to eat. This can be fruit, vegetables or sugar free yogurts. Children will even gain valuable ‘sports candy’ points for their team! During snack break, children will be educated on the importance of eating healthy and what snacks are healthy.

Should I bring my booking confirmation with me to the Superstars Holiday Course? 

Yes please. This will help our coaches register your child quickly but please don’t worry if you don’t have it. Everything is on our booking system at point of booking.

What should my child wear to a SuperStars Holiday Course?

Your child should wear comfortable clothing and robust shoes that allow them to take part in all our activities. We also ask for children to have suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities.

What training, checks and support do coaches have at SuperStars? 

We provide child safety and first aid training for all our holiday course coaches. They all have up-to-date and enhanced DBS checks. And they have the full support of the SuperStars management team.

Our managers are in touch with all our courses every day and visit each course at least once to carry out a compliance check.

Do you accept childcare vouchers towards the cost of a SuperStars Holiday Course?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept childcare vouchers at any of our courses. We’re classed as a sports coaching company, rather than a childcare provider.

Why do I need a password to collect my child from a SuperStars Holiday Course? 

The password is to protect the safety of your child. We will only allow your child to be collected by an adult whose name we have and who gives the correct password.

Why do you ask my permission to take photographs of my child at a SuperStars Holiday Course? 

We take photographs of our courses to use on our social media channels and other marketing materials. We require parent consent at point of booking.

What are the details of the SuperStars presentation?

Every Friday we invite parents to join us at the school at 15.00pm for the informal ceremony where children receive certificates and medals. This is your chance to take some photos of your child’s beaming smile as they collect their medals and certificate. And of course, see how much your child has enjoyed their time on the course.

Can I book my other children on to a SuperStars course at the same time?

Yes. We offer discount on sibling bookings. Click here for pricing

Do you offer any weekly discounts? 

You can make great savings when you book for 3 days or more. And when you book for a whole week, you get day 5 absolutely free. Click here for pricing.

Can I book for five days at a discount and then spread those days over more than one week?

 No, sorry. These discounts apply to days booked for the same week only.

What if I need to cancel my booking with SuperStars? 

If you cancel within 7 days of making your booking, we’ll give you a full refund. If you cancel more than 7 days after making your booking, we’ll credit your account with 50% of the amount you paid for you to use on another course. See terms and conditions here.

How do I provide a complaint or compliment?

We are always listening and happy to speak with you and rectify any issues you have by phoning 0345 241 3682 or emailing We also love to hear great feedback, so please contact us or share your experience via our social media channels.


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