Bright light night light

A specialist of ours taught a boy with autism 1-1 singing lessons over a six month period. He was known to be extremely difficult in lessons and could be aggressive with other students. However, when singing he became focused and calm. He expressed how he liked to create new songs with 'beautiful' tunes and 'good' words so we started looking at songwriting.

This boy had a younger sister who was incredibly scared of the dark and found it very hard to sleep at night. The little boy asked our specialist if she would help him write a lullaby for his little sister in order to help her sleep. With no obligations our specialist helped the boy wrote the song for her which was called ‘Bright light night light’ . This developed to be a true passion of his and they ended up creating several other records which he uploaded on to an album. The CD was sold at the school fair to raise money for the school and he later on performed the song at the end of year concert.