Laura's Story ...

After leaving a school where I was working as a TA, where nobody knew my name and the teachers just saw me as a dogs body I wanted to find a company and a job where I was valued and where I could make a difference.

Luckily I found SuperStars and I+I and since starting in April I have had so much support and encouragement and feel more valued than ever before.

My first term has been amazing and among the amazing achievements of my I+I children which include “I love reading now because of you Miss” and “You don’t make me feel stupid” and the amazing fun in my SuperStars lessons, there is one experience that stands out. This one little boy struggled with his reading; he had a lot of support from home especially from his Grandad who practiced with him and was really happy with his progress. Sadly his Grandad died whilst I was working with him. The boy felt that because of his progress in reading that he wanted to write a poem and read it in the funeral as his Grandad loved to read.

Thank you all for giving me a job with people that I love.