Sarah's story :Art Specialist at Madley Primary School 

I currently have two displays up here, one for year 5 class topic on Street Art, this has now expanded including some amazing political statement art where the children have really thought about how they can convey the message of their ‘issue’ through their art in a metaphorical way – inspirational stuff. The other display showcases the work my Friday afternoon groups have been doing for our Japanese Art topic. My absolute favourite thing I did with this class was on the last day of term, we looked at the work of a street artist that paints massive wings on black walls, her campaign is called #whatliftsyou and the idea of this interactive art is that people have their photo taken with the wings and tweet with the hashtag what lifts them. The wings are very detailed and contain lots of images so I thought it would be great to do our own version of the wings in class. The Head gave me a massive board which we painted black and I drew the outline of the wings, then each child in the class drew a picture inside the wings of something that lifts them/makes them happy. As you can imagine we had all sorts of images ranging from x-box to pets/family, football, swimming, so every time you look, you see something new. When finished, we propped the board up in the playground and all the children in the class had their photo taken with the wings, a quote was added to the photo (using a photo editing app) to say what lifts that individual child and all the pics were uploaded to the school website. The board was left out at the end of the school day and we waited in the playground inviting parents, siblings, other students and teachers to get their phones out and have a photo with the wings. It was such a fantastic way to spend the last day of term, and promoted a real sense of positivity. I emailed the artist in America to tell her what we had done and I had a reply to say thank you for sharing with her and she was glad she had inspired us. When I returned to Madley this week the Head was in the process of weather proofing the painting and it will be mounted outside school as a permanent piece of work.


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