Strength in SuperStars

Strength in SuperStars

Sam Pugh's story...

A little boy at Westbury couldn’t walk; he used a frame when he could and a wheelchair the rest of the time which made it very hard for him to participate in school activities.

Every lunch time I would walk with him hand in hand once around the playground without his frame to help and build on his confidence.

Few weeks later Sam was using his sticks to help him to walk and never his wheelchair. Finally Sam was able to walk with a little support from myself and his 1-2-1 and everyone was over the moon.

The best part was he said he wanted to do a race in the school sports day and on this day he walked a race in front of the entire school and parents. I was so proud.

Merrick Jackson's story...

One boy immediately sat on the bench on the side of the hall. This particular child has co-ordination difficulties with the lower limb. I asked this child why he was sat down, he replied “I can’t participate in gymnastics because of my legs”. I came to his level and said “Of course you can join in, I will help you” and the boy was super happy.

He fully participated in the lesson, adapting to his own ability and the other children were supporting him. The TA that was supporting me was in floods of tears by the end of the lesson as she was so happy to see him joining in with the other children and smiling.

The boy now goes to a gymnastics club and is hoping to do his first competition.