SHOUT OUT from our Staff Development Managers

From the Staff Development Manager.. here's a shout out to say how fantastic their staff are...


Sophie Heneberry who had a fantastic lesson with her Year 1 class at Windsor Clive, the lesson was 'jam packed' with AFL, incidental Welsh and pupil progress, Sophie also created a fantastic back story about her friend Freddy the Bean Bag, who would only come out if the children promised to look after him, the pupils loved this and were totally bought in to it! 

Jade Vardon who's doing a fantastic job at Coed Ffranc, pupils and staff alike love her and pupils can't wait for their lessons with Miss Vardon! Jade created a fantastic dream catcher lesson for pupils who made some amazing pieces of work.

Clariss Skelton who's made very good progress with a challenging class. The pupils were totally engaged in Clariss' lesson and due to her rapport with pupils they all wanted to impress her and get that 'well done'! Pupils made huge improvements in performing their rolls with Clariss' support.

Well done and keep up the good work!