Not just a Specialist, but a Role Model

“Tom's behaviour management and control is just fantastic. He's got a certain way with the children and he's built such a great rapport with each and every one of them. He's always very flexible and willing to adapt to any situation such as last week he didn't have PE and he just started helping with the Stone Age house. He just gets on with it, he never moans and he does what's asked of him. He's incredibly punctual and he's here earlier than I am and he stays until the last child leaves from school. The after school club is absolutely fantastic and he's got all ages from four to eleven and he just differentiates so well. The specialists have got better and better over the years but Tom is by far the best we've had. The children absolutely love him and if he's not here for any reason the children get extremely concerned and I had one little girl cry the other day as there wasn't multi skills club.  Our student teacher has been watching him and picked up great skills on differentiating. He'll do anything for us; he does duties and never moans. It's so important to have that male role model in the school, he's always happy and an all-rounder”.