Staff Recognition for the England Team

Hi all

I hope you’ve all had a good week. It’s that time in the week, to recognise some people for all the efforts since starting back! A tough decision as so many of my team are doing a great job!

Let’s get started...

First up is Hayley Vincent. Hayley has been doing a fantastic job at Paxcroft and Broadhinton Primary. Hayley has built a lovely rapport with both staff and children in both schools. I went to observe Hayley’s lesson and was very impressed with how she adapted the lesson due to technical issues very well and had the class singing there hearts out and showing real engagement in the lessons!

Nathan Francis- Nathan stepped up last week, covering a lesson that was not his specialism and doing so with flying colours. The school commented on how well the lessons went and Nathan’s attitude!

Sean Hooper- Sean has only recently joined the company, but has made good first impressions in all his schools. Sean has shown a fantastic proactive nature to develop his teaching. He has taken on feedback very well and implemented this straight away in his lessons. Sean’s communication with me has been outstanding and he has been a pleasure to work with!

Special mention- Sharon Rickards who has gone above and beyond with her masterclass session. Sharon has take full control of this and delivered an outstanding session last week. There will be more to follow!

Well done everyone this week. It was a very hard decision and I’m very proud of all my team! Have a fantastic rest of the week and keep up the good work!!