Wales Team are doing an amazing's why


That time again where it’s a tough choice to pick just a few of my team! 
You have all made an amazing start back to a new term, constant good feedback from staff, children and parents!!

So let’s kick of a new term with...

Daniel Cullinane absolutely smashing it in all of his schools. 
Visited Dan at St David’s in Cardiff, spent most my time with the head and deputy just talking about how much they love Daniel. In their words, “please don’t ever take him away, we love him”.
Daniel has a new class each half term and in his lesson they work towards an end of term production to put on for the rest of the school based on their topic. 
Daniel is now working with year 3 on Romans, a lot of the class are statemented pupils and the TA’s/121’s could not believe how Daniel managed to get them on stage to perform to the rest of the class in their very first lesson! Well done Daniel, amazing work!

Charlotte Jenkins, has come on in leaps and bounds! Confidence and teaching ability has improved every time I have visited! 
Lessons are enjoyable and keep each class engaged. Children are listening, singing and evaluating different music styles that they would not usually come across. Behaviour management is on point!! Keep up the great work!

Charlie Johnston, has made a huge impression at Afon Y Felin. Some classes can be challenging, but Charlie has created a great relationship and understanding with the children which has achieved sessions full of valuable learning. 
Constant good praise and reassurance with Charlie using the schools reward policy of lots dojo points!!

Keep up the great work guys, absolutely loving hearing the positive feedback from every school I go to!! Team wales SMASHING IT!! #happySDM