Appreciating our staff!


Time for some more much deserved recognition for the staff in Key Account schools. Once again this week I've seen some amazing work in schools and have also heard some excellent feedback.

Rhianwen Allcock and Charlotte Morgan are continuing to smash Alderman Davies - the school's feedback is always amazing on both and this half-term they are not only helping lead Christmas Concert practices in their lessons, but the school have given them the reigns to lead and run the Year 5 / 6 Carol Service - proving the strong relationships and trust they have in the school. Awesome work both!

Lynne Phillips is as always doing amazing work @ Cefn Forest as part of her family engagement role. Lynne has used her initiative and started relaxation classes with pupils,and they've gone down a storm with the school and pupils asking Lynne to run more and more of the classes each week.

Lucy Glanville-Ellis has made an amazing start to life @ The Dell - making great first impressions with the staff at the school with her personality and quality of lessons!

Hollie Kempson had a great lesson @ Hywel Dda, after some engaging input every pupil was using an instrument and loving Hollie's lesson. The pupils could all refer back to the LO and SC when answering Hollie's questions showing the value of her input!

Well done all and keep up the good work! Looking forward to getting to more schools this week and seeing the great job we are doing!