Recognising our staff #developing

⭐️England staff recognition⭐️

Time to shout about some great work going on within England schools! Tough decision as always, but some great work put in by these staff and some excellent service wows on show!

Vickie Lawrence- Vickie has only just returned to the company, but it’s like she has never been away. Vickie has made a fantastic start back at her placements, delivering some brilliant sessions. The children and staff have been so happy to have Vickie back! Vickie has gone above and beyond this week, going in early to one of her placements, to deliver an extra Zumba session for Year 5/6 students to help take away the stress of SATs. A fantastic service wow, which I’m sure the children loved!!

Luke Chapman- Luke has recently joined the company, but has made a great start in his placements. Luke has been very receptive to the feedback given to him during support sessions and has implemented these ideas into his lessons. Luke has shown a great attitude and has already built up a good rapport with pupils and staff within his schools. Great work Luke!

Tom Hayes- Big shout out to this next specialist. Tom has just taken up a new placement as a PE specialist. Despite this not being his specialist subject, Tom has gone into the school with a great attitude and has really showcased his captivating style of teaching. Tom had a very tricky situation to deal with during his first day, but handled it superbly well and his communication with myself was brilliant. I’m really impressed with Tom’s attitude and his willingness to go above and beyond.

A massive well done to all these specialists. Another fantastic week over in England, with some great examples of service wows and high quality lessons on show. Keep up the good work team and have a brilliant rest of the week!