Recognising our staff #developing This terms winners

Service Wow Prize Winners!

Jo Russell - supported cover staff in school and showed them around, worked on various displays for staff. Hand drew worksheets for a teacher when the photocopier broke, regularly supports TA tasks and even brought in some bottle tops to help with the school in the fundraiser!

Joe Delve - Jo has taken on 3 days teaching welsh at Whitchurch to save them going elsewhere! He's also supported heavily at lunch times. Well done Joe.

Sharon Rickards is probably the queen of service wows. There are simply too many to list, but Sharon regularly puts on productions for parents to come in and see at an incredible standard. She also had parents watching her lesson recently as they were visiting the school.

Sarah-Jen Lord has made a fantastic display board which can be seen if you scroll down on the feed. Excellent work from Sarah and a big thanks to everyone who regularly posts their work on the group.