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⭐️⭐️England staff recognition⭐️⭐️

First up is John Boyd. John has worked incredibly hard at his placement Oldbury Primary. The children and staff adore him. I received an incredible email from a parent who gave special thanks to John for his efforts during sports day. John supported both the parents children on the day and was described as an ‘absolute hero’ by the Mum. A truly fantastic email to receive. Once again John has been a fantastic specialist and has been a pleasure to work with!

The praise for our specialists from others, doesn’t stop there. Next up is Anna Morgan- Anna is an incredible specialist. Her passion and enthusiasm for the role is always evident and the quality of sessions are always of a high standard. Recently one of Anna’s schools was visited by Ofsted and they heaped praise on Anna with the following comments. ‘The wide variety of extra-curricular and enrichment activities contributes strongly to pupils’ enjoyment of school. The recent visit to the Imperial War Museum in London and working with an expert art teacher provide pupils with life-enhancing experiences they might not otherwise have the chance to enjoy’. Truly incredible feedback and very well deserved. Great effort Anna!!

Finally is Hayley Jade Rooke. Hayley was tasked with organising her first sports day for one of her schools. I went out to visit the school today, to see how the sports day was going and I was so impressed!! Hayley showed great confidence, everything was very well organised and both the teachers knew exactly what they were doing. The children had huge smiles on their faces and they were clearly enjoying the activities. Hayley has done an amazing job and deserves so much praise for her efforts. Well done Hayley!!!

A great first week back with #teamengland producing some amazing memories for the children they teach.