Delivering outstanding service #schools #ppa


Today I am going to a double whammy of recognition in a 2 part recognition post due being unable to post recognition last week.

Wales staff have been absolutely fantastic the past two weeks as always which makes these decisions really hard. 
Service WOWs are slowly creeping in, but I want MORE, MORE, MORE!!! Please text, email or call me with any service wows that you have done. This time of the year is where sports days, class assembly's, schools fates, summer activities take place. If you are involved or organise anything like this, let me know this is a perfect east service wow!!

Let's kick off some recognition....

Part 1

Kelly Marie....first week with us and out in schools and I visited Kelly on her first day in Ysgol Eos, I was so impressed with the control and the relationship that she had built already with the children. Rules, attention grabber, rewards all established before her lesson began setting high expectations for her classes! 
Excellent planned first session getting the children to build characters in groups and setting independent working tasks. Children were gripped straight away and worked really well! Well done Kelly