Staff Recognition

First up is Jo Louise. Jo is a fantastic experienced staff member, who hits the high notes when she delivers her music lessons!! Always full of energy and enthusiasm, Blaise Primary have been blown away by the effort Jo has put in. Jo has also managed to deliver two service wows, by putting up two display boards!

Second is Rachel Blyth. Rachel has settled in really well at her school. The Head has commented on how Rachel is already part of the team!! The lessons have been engaging and the children really enjoy having Rachel as their teacher. Great job!!

Last but certainly not least is Matthew Bennett. Matt has settled in really well in all his placements. He has gone about his work in a very professional manner. Matt has delivered some fantastic sessions already and the schools are really enjoying having him as part of their team. Really well done!!

Special mention to Katherine Dudley who has really stepped up and supported with the Ignite+Inspire provision. Katherine has driven far and wide to deliver her knowledge of this provision and has supported our I+I Specialists with great professionalism.