What children say about our Subject Specialists

I enjoyed when we did a graph about proteins, carbohydrates and fats and we learnt that we needed lots of fats at our age. We have also been learning about human rights where we acted in class – that was a lot of fun and it was also interesting! The lessons are always very interesting actually! I think Mr. Henry is fun and fair and we have lots of fun in his lessons. 


Our drama lessons are fantastic, they are fun! We have been learning about Jack and theBeanstalk; we watched a video of the story and had to tell the story in our groups. I was a Narrator; this is someone who tells the story as other people act it out. I think that Jack is a kind person because he listened to his Mum at the start and wanted to help her. Mr Delve is helpful, he's kind and helps us when we work in our groups.


We are learning about music from the 60’s in our music lessons. I have learnt that the music from the 60’s is completely different to the music we listen to today! I have learnt that the music from the 60’s was smoother compared to what the music is currently like. I have also learnt how to improve my songs ahead of the Christmas concert. We have learnt how to change current songs with words that we want to put in them. I think my music lessons are fun, and if we do really well with our work then we can also listen to some music as a reward. The lessons are enjoyable because we are always active rather than just sitting around with our heads down working. I think Mr Delve is the best teacher in the world, he’s funny and he knows a lot about music!!!


We are learning about Batik and Cave art in our Art lessons. I have learnt that you can use your imagination and any colours to produce nice pictures. In Batik art you can use different patterns, and by using lots of different patterns you can create a cool picture. They would use an instrument to do Batik art, called a Canting. You would melt wax into the Canting and then you would draw over the picture to preserve the colour, and the more you clean the material then the more the colour appears. I enjoy my art lessons; I wish we had longer lessons of Art as I love it. I like that you can use your experiences from before and draw them. I like Miss Diment because she’s kind, and she makes your imagination grow and grow, and if you don’t understand something then she will always come to you and help until you know what you’re doing.


We have been learning about Forest schools in our lessons and what time animals come out through the day. I have learnt about the food chain, ranging from plants to animals. I have also learnt that a carnivore is an animal that eats meat, and an herbivore only eats plants. I think my Forest school lessons are fun because I get to learn lots of new things, and see what conditions that different animals live in. I also like how we can just explore different areas to look for animals. I think Mr Johnstone is funny and a good teacher because he knows a lot of things about animals and forests, and I enjoy learning about them.


We have been learning about a firework dance in our PE lessons! I’ve learnt how to dance whilst holding the ribbon to show the firework flying. I have also learnt different pirate yoga poses such as Palm Tree and Banana. I think my PE lessons are fantastic, because we do fun activities in them and we get to work in groups, so it allows me to work with my friends. We also get to learn different things about Pirates. I think Mr Leman is fun, he always plays fun activities, he is also very kind and helps us if we are stuck with anything in the lesson.