Because every child should have a bright future


We have a team of passionate and aspirational subject specialists working in many primary schools across Wales and South West England. They bring fresh ideas and exciting new activities to PE, drama, music and art lessons for thousands of children every single week.

Everything we do is designed to help children learn, grow and shine. We want to give every child the opportunity to try something new, discover a new talent and develop lasting life skills.

The best way for us to do this is to work with you, in schools. And while we’re helping the children, we help you too.


What Head Teachers say

“We have worked with SuperStars for many years now due to their superb staff and the training and support they are given. They became part of our staff immediately and are a great addition to what we offer in-house. I would not hesitate in recommending SuperStars.”

How to get the most from your PPA time

We provide cover for your teachers’ PPA and other release time. But we don’t think of ourselves as a cover supply agency. Our services go beyond cover to include curriculum enrichment activities, CPD opportunities for your staff, lunchtime cover and after school clubs.

Everything we do will help you cut down on your management burden and save you time. We can save you money too. While we can’t promise this for every school, most of the time we can because we typically cost less than whichever solution you’re using now. And, when you use all our services, you can generate a significant income for your school.

At the same time, your teachers will benefit. They’ll pick up new knowledge and skills from the expertise and fresh ideas our specialists bring. This will help their professional development and allow you to offer a broader, richer curriculum.

More important though is what we bring to your children. It's well known that subject specialists have a positive impact on standards. We can help your children gain skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork. We can help them grow in confidence. We can help reignite their love for learning. We can help them improve their behaviour. And we can help them improve their results. 


What the children say

“I really enjoy the music lessons every part of Mr Stock’s lessons I learn and have fun. The best thing I have learnt is about ostinato which means something is being repeated it gets suck in your head. Mr Stock is nice because he’s really helpful, he plays the guitar which is really cool and I would like to learn how to play the guitar too.”

Oliver, year 4