The SuperStars Team


Our brilliant team is made up of an army of aspirational Subject Specialists, supported by an administration and operational function.  All headed up by a Senior Leadership Team who between them have over 50 years of management experience within the education sector.

Every one of us is committed to helping children develop bright futures. We want to work with you to raise standards so we give the children, and you, the best service we can.

You’ll see this in how we work together. For example, very occasionally a specialist is unable to make a session, perhaps because they’re ill or their car’s broken down. This kind of thing happens to us all at times. But doesn’t help you when you have a class full of lively children in need of an engaging lesson.

So, if your specialist can’t get to you, we step in to make sure another one of us does. It’s why we can guarantee we’ll never miss a session.


One team: many superstars

We think we have an exceptional team. And many of us have done extraordinary things. For example, some of us have represented our country at international sporting events such as the netball and skeleton world cups. Some of us are part-time artists and musicians and regularly display our work or perform professionally. One of us even worked as an Olympic talent scout to help find the superstars of the future.

We’re education experts too, although we’re sure you’ll agree being up to date on yet another new education policy is not as exciting as playing for your country or performing in front of a live audience.

This depth of expertise adds value to all we do. It shows in our specialists’ enthusiasm for their subject. In how they engage and encourage the children. And in what the children go on to achieve.


What the children say

“We play capture the flag, football, netball and basketball skills. I struggled playing netball and basketball, I couldn’t catch but I’ve learned how to do it properly and that’s helped me get better. It’s helped me speak to people, before I was really shy and quiet but because there are lots of different people taking part I’ve made loads of new friends and I’m so much more confident. Mr Morgan was really fun and funny, he’d always encourage us to play and try different things!”

Prita, year 6