One of the easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make


There are lots of ways you can cover release time for your teaching staff. So why should you choose us?

We think that’s an easy decision to make. Here’s why...


Our impact on the children

We help children develop bright futures by giving them worthwhile experiences that add value to their learning. It’s why we do what we do.

Creative subjects have a whole host of benefits, outside of learning about the subject itself. For example, drama helps children grow in confidence and learn how to speak in public.  PE can improve concentration and start children off on a lifetime of healthy choices.

The Arts & Physical Education can also make a powerful contribution to children's overall mental health.

Schools we’ve worked in have said how our lessons have helped improve attendance. They’ve seen children engage more, particularly those who struggle with core subjects. They’ve seen children’s appetite for learning and confidence in their ability to learn grow. And, as a result, they’ve seen standards rise.


 What Head Teachers say

“It has been a difficult year for us all, but the support and reliability from Superstars has ensured we have managed to sustain continuity as a school for PPA cover and Hub cover.” 

Judith Edwards, Headteacher - Abercanaid Community School, Merthyr Tydfil.


“Superstars works alongside the school to provide good quality, reliable practitioners who meet the needs and demands of the school.” 

Helen Hoyle, Headteacher - Howardian Primary School, Cardiff.


“This has been an exceptional year for everyone and a challenge to ensure the best for everyone. Superstars has maintained an open and professional dialogue with school and our Superstar has offered a lot over the year.” 

Anne Phillips, Headteacher – Kington Primary School, Herefordshire.


“Excellent quality of staff who have joined our team brilliantly and good communication”. 

Adele Thomas, Headteacher – Nottage Primary School, Bridgend.


The quality of our staff

 Our staff are all specialists. Because they love what they do and know their subject inside out, their enthusiasm is infectious. So they’ll inspire and engage your children in ways they couldn’t if they didn’t have this expertise.

To make sure they’re also expert educators, we provide all our specialists with opportunities for CPD and additional qualifications through our partnerships with Gateway learning and Trinity College London.  

SuperStars are also a Gateway Qualification Recognised Centre.

Our specialists have access to our company intranet where we have schemes of work and lesson plans for every subject we teach. All our lesson plans include learning objectives, expected outcomes and ideas for how to help the children develop skills such as listening, teamwork and oracy. We also have plans for all our specialist subjects that cover popular themes such as the Tudors and WWII.

We don’t want to provide you with a service and walk away. We want to be your partners in giving the children in your school the best education possible. Which leads us nicely on to…


Our partnership with you

 We expect our specialists to fully integrate into your school and become part of your team. So, while we take responsibility for all their day-to-day management and CPD, you have complete visibility of everything we do. You’ll have a dedicated partnership manager who’ll share with you all our planning, assessing and reporting information, including data on the children’s progress. You can then use this as evidence for your own self-assessment and reporting.


Our support

When our staff are working in your school our staff development managers take care of all their day-to-day and performance management. This includes all HR issues, sickness cover, lesson planning and CPD.

We understand you have enormous pressures on your time and that managing staff can be one of the most time-consuming and difficult things you have to do. So we’re happy to make your life a little easier by relieving you of some of this. Which means you get to spend less time managing staff and more time doing the things that drew you to teaching in the first place.


Our quality assurance

 We measure the quality of what we do in much the same way that you do. We observe all our staff once every half term, assessing them on the quality of their teaching (including behaviour management), planning and their overall service to you. We’ll ask for feedback from the children, and from you.

We use detailed criteria for doing this, which we’ll share with you. You’re also welcome to add any criteria you’d like us to use.


Our flexible service

Our specialists can be with you for anything from one half-day to a full week. You can have one specialist or as many as you need. You can have specialists in a variety of subjects, or more than one specialist covering the same subject.

For example, when you have specialists to cover more than one class, you can release several class teachers at the same time so they work together on their planning.  

Whatever your school needs, we’ll be happy to help.


Our value for money

We give you outstanding value for money. We don’t just provide you with cover and walk away. We take care of all the management, HR and CPD our specialists need. This leaves you more time to look after your core team, and of course, the children in your school.

Constant pressure on budgets means many schools have had to cut back on activities like drama and music. This means the children miss out on the added value these subjects bring. With SuperStars your children won’t have to miss out because we teach these subjects while we cover your PPA time.

Along with all this, you can use our lunchtime and after school clubs to generate a substantial income.

Our guarantee

 We guarantee we’ll never miss a session. If your specialist is unable to get to you, for whatever reason, we guarantee another one of us will.


“Nicola is just fantastic with the children. She was born to teach and fits right in with us staff, gets on with all of us and has built great relationships. She’s a breath of fresh air.

The children look forward to PE every week because Nicola encourages them to learn as well as to have fun and be happy. The confidence in the children has grown dramatically since having her here.”