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RT Year 3 are having so much fun doing yoga in our games lesson! https://t.co/hbPgnxDXY2

RT 6EA Top Teamer Awards 🤗👏🏼👍🌟 https://t.co/EaLYUoD7Mf

RT #GPSClass3 We are having so much fun testing different materials to make the best tissue. https://t.co/a72K6lCZRg

RT We used our listening and number skills today to play this counting game with Mr Gribble. Da iawn pawb #LlanNumhttps://t.co/PNpchG1Ng9

RT Our staff are all specialists. Because they love what they do and know their subject inside out, their enthusiasm i… https://t.co/9kjuHbdmtl

RT Martha from Dosbarth Eiddew wrote this poem for her Blue Peter badge. Well done Martha, what a lovely poem! https://t.co/4zM8s35zsF

RT Look at some of these amazing Pysgodyn! Having fun creatin their Father's Day cards. #LlanFun #LlanExp #LlanPysgodyn https://t.co/ljG4CNi3Xs