Our Services


Everything we do is designed to raise standards and help the children in your school develop a bright future.

Our staff are specialists in PE, drama, music and art. They bring fresh ideas and exciting new activities to your lessons. This means you can offer a broader, richer curriculum and get the most from your teacher release time.


PPA cover

Our subject specialists provide cover while your teachers are on their PPA time. We can provide cover for as many teachers as you’d like, from reception to year 6.

Using a SuperStars specialist to cover your PPA time gives your children consistent teaching and a chance to develop their creative and physical skills. At the end of each lesson we record each child’s progress and achievement. We then share this with you to add to the children’s Incerts records.


Other teacher release time

 We also provide cover for your other teacher and leadership and management release time, such as NQT allowance, meetings and training. Some schools use our specialists so they can give their staff extra release time on a rolling programme.


Cover supervisors

Our specialists can act as short-term or long-term cover supervisors when you know your teachers or teaching assistants are going to be absent.


TA support

Our specialists can work with you as teaching assistants. Their specific expertise and the support we give them brings extra value to this role.


Curriculum enrichment

Our subject specialists can help you develop the curriculum across your whole school. They can work with every class or a specific teacher to give the children new opportunities in PE, drama, music or art. This can be particularly helpful leading up to an inspection as it gives your teaching staff extra time to prepare.


“Today in art we’ve been learning about Pop Art for the first time. I had never heard of Pop Art before but now I know it’s an expressive form of art and was created when artists rebelled against realism art as they felt all art was the same. With Pop Art it’s important to be bold and creative, use different colours and you can also use dots for the pictures instead of how you would normally fill with colour. I enjoy art and the lessons are fun, everyone gets to express themselves and creates different work.”

Lola, year 5


CPD for your staff

Our subject specialists can help your staff improve their skills in PE, drama, music or art. This contributes to their CPD and helps you offer a rich curriculum. Again, it can be particularly useful leading up to an inspection.


PE and Sports Premium

We can help you develop your PE curriculum. You can use this as part of your PE and Sports Premium funding and to help you deliver new health and well-being requirements.


After school clubs

 Our whole-school service (where our specialists cover all your PPA) includes up to seven hours of after school club cover. This costs you nothing and you receive all the income. It’s how we help you offset your investment in our services. 

We can still provide you with cover for an after school club, even if we don’t work with you as a whole-school service. As long as our specialists are already in your school for the day when you’d like the club to run we can help.

Please call us on 0845 241 3682 for more information.


Lunchtime cover

As well as after school club cover, where we provide a whole-school service we also give you up to 3½ hours of lunchtime cover. This costs you nothing, will free up your teachers’ time and can save you the cost and hassle of employing an extra lunchtime supervisor.

As with our after school clubs, we can provide you with lunchtime cover even if we don’t work with you as a whole-school service.  We just need to be working in your school on the days you’d like cover.

Please call us on 0845 241 3682 for more information.


Holiday clubs

 We can provide holiday clubs in your school. This allows you to offer your parents and children an additional service at no extra cost and with no time commitment from you. It will also help you meet the inspection criteria for community use of your school. And, although we take care of everything, your school will receive a share of the profits.

The clubs are only open to children who attend your school or one of its cluster schools. Where possible, we run them every half term, for two weeks at Easter and two weeks over the summer holiday.


Added value mornings

 For a significantly reduced cost, you can convert a half-day session with one of our specialists into a full day. This gives you an additional expert resource at a fraction of the normal cost and can help you, your staff, your children and their families.

For example, our specialists can work with you to provide general TA support, as an attendance officer or family engagement lead, to give additional admin support, to lead small group activities, to listen to readers, to help with classroom displays and to provide extra cover at break time.


Numeracy and literacy intervention

Through our sister company, Ignite + Inspire, we provide numeracy and literacy intervention for children who need extra support to reach their targets.

Our specially trained staff provide courses designed to meet the specific needs of the children and ignite their enthusiasm for numeracy and literacy.

This leads to accelerated learning and progression. For example, in one school we worked in the children progressed by an average of 13 months over just 12 weeks.

For more information call us on 0345 2413682 or visit the Ignite and Inspire website.