Our Services

At SuperStars, our comprehensive range of services is meticulously crafted to elevate standards and foster the holistic development of children in your school, paving the way for a brighter future.

Our team comprises specialists in physical education, drama, music, and art. Bringing forth innovative ideas and dynamic activities, our specialists enrich your lessons, enabling you to offer a more diverse and engaging curriculum, maximising the benefits of your teacher release time.

PPA Cover: Our subject specialists seamlessly provide cover during your teachers' PPA time, ensuring consistent teaching and fostering the development of creative and physical skills in children from nursery to year 6. Each lesson concludes with a detailed recording of individual progress and achievements, shared with you to enhance records where applicable.

'Other' Teacher Release Time: SuperStars also offers cover for various teacher and leadership release time needs, including NQT allowance. Many schools utilise our specialists to provide extra release time on a flexible, rolling basis.

TA Support: Our specialists can collaborate with you as teaching assistants, leveraging their specific expertise and role model status.

Curriculum Enrichment: SuperStars subject specialists contribute to the development of your school's curriculum. Working with every class or specific teachers, they provide new opportunities in PE, drama, music, or art, offering cross curricular learning.

CPD for Your Staff: Our subject specialists play a pivotal role in enhancing your staff's skills in PE, contributing to their continuous professional development (CPD) and enriching your curriculum.

Alternative Sports and Sports Premium: Let us assist you in developing your PE curriculum, utilising it as part of your PE and Sports Premium funding, and meeting new health and well-being requirements. If you do not have access to SP then not to worry, you can still make the most of our alternative sports packages. 

After School Clubs: Our whole-school provision service includes after-school club provision, and depending on the services you use, this could be at no cost to you.

Structured Lunchtime Provision: In addition to after-school club provision, SuperStars offers structured lunchtime provision, relieving your teachers and/or midday supervisors, potentially saving on the cost of hiring an extra lunchtime supervisor.

Holiday Clubs: SuperStars can organise holiday clubs in your school, providing an additional service for parents and children at no extra cost to you. This also helps meet inspection criteria for community use of your school.

Added Value Mornings: Optimise your resources with our added value mornings, where you can convert a half-day session with our specialists into a full day at a significantly reduced cost. This offers an additional expert resource for various roles, benefiting you, your staff, and the school community.

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